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The BCN01 is a Bluetooth BLE iBeacon designed for indoor positioning solution. BCN01 is base on NORDIC NRF52832 IC and support Bluetooth 4.2 protocol. BCN01 is low power consumption and with 2400mAh battery. With a 500ms broadcast interval, BCN01 can works for 4~5 years.

BCN01 is designed for the use together with LBT1 LoRaWAN Indoor Position Solution. There are many BCN01s placed in different location and keep broadcasting their UUID via Bluetooth. User brings LBT1 LoRaWAN BLE tracker, the LBT1 keep scanning the UUID and choose the highest signal UUID to uplink via LoRaWAN. So the IoT server will know where the LBT1 is.

More information is available on the website of Dragino.

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