Vaqa’O+ – LoRaWAN Air Quality (VOC, CO2) and Presence Sensor

Vaqa’O+ – LoRaWAN Air Quality (VOC, CO2) and Presence Sensor

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The Vaqa'O+ sensor measures temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations in the ambient air of a room. Vaqa'O+ is used to monitor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) according to presence thanks to the detection of luminosity (lighting) and the movement of people (PIR) in the room.

The data transmission over public or private LoRaWAN® network is done periodically and/or upon variation of the measured variable or in case thresholds are exceeded.

Powered by a pack of 3 x 3.6V/2500mAh batteries, the sensor's autonomy exceeds 3 years with the default configuration: one measurement on all sensors every 10 minutes and 1 transmission every hour, with the data compressed.

More infomation is available on the website of Watteco.

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